50% of Australians Cite Bathroom as Priority for Home Purchase Decision

08 DECEMBER 2013
According to a survey by a home loans company, half of the respondents cited a modern bathroom as a top priority when considering buying a house.

According to a survey by a home loans company, half of the respondents cited a modern bathroom as a top priority when considering buying a house. The survey was conducted to identify real estate insights for the burgeoning Australian real estate market, and allowed respondents to rank factors such as the neighborhood, and a good kitchen and even any residual smell leftover in the house.

According to a survey of a thousand Australians, both across male and female demographic, a bathroom's fixtures and quality were important considerations for home -owners. The survey, which took the opinions of family buyers between the ages of 35-54 was conducted by Aussie Home Loans.

Many of the findings of the survey were considered surprising by the real estate sector, including the revelation that an indoor garage was highly important to home-owners, even more so to male respondents in the poll.

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Debbie from Armadale wrote a personalized testimonial for the Shower Care and Repairs crew:

"Hi David Just to say a big thanks to you and Malcolm for getting the washer to me, one less thing to worry about now! just need to fill the rest of the house.

And thank-you to Malcolm for attaching the hoses I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do with them! been a great help."

It could be leaking showers, the need for grouting or even bathroom renovations, and the firm is ready to quickly provide an accurate quote before undertaking repairs.

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About the Company

Founded as a small Melbourne startup Shower Care and Repair Melbourne has rapidly acquired an enviable lineup of clients tat includes corporates, home owners and residential complexes.

The company is known for bathroom renovations and waterproofing services, and has earned corporate clients like Noel Jones and Jellis Craig who regularly use the firm's services. Even the most mundane of tasks like grout removal is conducted professionally, and the company team has acquired a formal Waterproofing Certification to represent the high standard of services provided.

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